To Each Her Own
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To Each Her Own

Canada, 2008, 109 Minute Running Time
Bay Area Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Coming Out, Drama, Lesbian, Parenting / Family
Program: World Cinema
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Heather Tobin

Jess may look like any other beautiful girl, but her life is that of a woman, already married and settled at 25. Her husband Trevor, sweet but utterly clueless, is plotting the course of their lives (including children) with no eye for his wife’s apathy and detachment. Jess’s life is trudging on without her even having a hand in it.

Casey, on the other hand, finds nothing worth committing to. She mindlessly plows away as a landscaper by day, and an array of indiscriminate women by night. But a quick Romeo & Juliet-style balcony exchange ignites a fire in both, and the first date turns into love before either woman knows what hit her. Though they fit together seamlessly, a weak-willed Jess struggles to come to grips with her new love, and the lifestyle change that comes with it. Stifling memories power Jess’s reluctance, the lifelong judgments of her homophobic mother driving the wedge that threatens the relationship.

Jess’s tale is a common one, but in To Each Her Own, that isn’t a flaw: The film simply plays out like the story of someone you know. The tender and very sexy bedroom scenes feel like the first time. You can sense how it just fits for Jess, as she experiences that utterly relatable moment when a first love brings out a part of you that no one else has touched. To Each Her Own may be another coming out story, but it’s a damn good one. — ALEXIS WHITHAM

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Fem Bar and San Francisco Women's Film Festival


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