Fiona's Script

Fiona's Script

USA, 2008, 93 Minute Running Time
Bay Area Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Black / African American, Drama, Latino/a, Lesbian, Local Filmmakers / Subjects
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Florencia Manovil

Unapologetically bisexual and dazzlingly beautiful queer women of color navigate the complex terrain of family loyalty, devastating break-ups and hot hook-ups in this one-of-a-kind film. With a cast made up almost entirely women of color and filmed in Oakland, Fiona’s Script is about bisexual and queer feminists living complicated lives. Filled with strong, self-assured female characters, this brave film is Real Women Have Curves meets Relax, It’s Just Sex meets French Twist. But with a twist.

Title character Fiona, a queer Latina femme just getting over her breakup with long-term boyfriend Sebastian, finds herself falling for L, who just happens to be the same woman Sebastian had lusted after when they were together. Meanwhile, Fiona’s plucky housemate is enamored with her own newfound career in acting, as well as with her favorite coffee shop’s barista, a transgender Asian American guy with that most valuable of all bartender traits — a sympathetic ear.

A first feature film with genuine characters, Fiona’s Script is a success because it presents bisexuality as a fact of women’s lives, rather than a plot twist or cause for concern. Fiona’s Script invites us into a queer world that could quite possibly (and will hopefully) be our future real world. — AMY ANDRÉ

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