Forever's Gonna Start Tonight

Forever's Gonna Start Tonight

USA, 2009, 54 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Aging / Elders, Biography / History, Documentary, Drag, Male-to-Female, Theater / Performance Art, Transgender
Programs: '60s/'70s Underground & Queer Cinema, Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Michelle Lawler

Chronicling the remarkable experiences of Vicki Marlane, a drag performer still strutting it onstage in her seventies, Vicki takes us on the ride of her life — from rollerskating crossdressed in her youth, to hoochie-coochie girl carnival sideshows and romantic road trips. We hitchhike through the adventures that led to her being San Francisco’s “Toast of the Town” in the early ’70s, and Vicki even shares her tips of the trade acquired from decades of drag experience at hot-spot venues including Aunt Charlie’s in the Tenderloin District. Directed by Michelle Lawler, and produced by archivist and historian Kim Klausner (It’s Elementary:Talking About Gay Issues In School, Frameline20) and Emmy Award-winning Susan Stryker (Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria, Frameline30) this film is a loving tribute to a living legend. — TEXAS STARR

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Copresented by

Tom Waddell Health Center, TG Clinic


The San Francisco Bay Guardian

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