USA, 2009, 86 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Black / African American, Comedy, Drama, Lesbian
Program: Showcases
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Nancy Kissam

Say hello to the miserable Fleece family. Dad abuses mom, Anora. Daughter Tabby storms around in a teenaged snit. Son Little Pete is bullied at school.

Enter Imogene (Jill Marie Jones), the Kathy K. Cosmetics saleswoman who moves in next door, peddling products for the cocoa-skinned woman. Despite her arrival in a neighborhood not too keen on cocoa-skinned anything, the unstoppable Imogene proceeds to give the family a radical makeover, starting with hand lotion and ending with a road trip in her purple Kathy K. car. Along the way, Imogene swiftly replaces the fantasy man who’s been starring in frustrated Anora’s steamy daydreams, and before you can say “purple eyeshadow” the daydream turns into reality.

This deadpan Southern gothic features the gorgeous Laura Harring (audiences may remember her steamy performance as an amnesiac femme fatale in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive) as shy Anora, and Jones, (star of TV’s Girlfriends) as no-nonsense Imogene.

Under its outrageous plot, which includes racism, domestic violence, high school blowjobs, homicide and lots of masturbation, Drool is a sweet-natured story of familial love. Tabby, who narrates the film and whose animated drawings punctuate the story, charts the classic adolescent path from shock to anger to acceptance as she comes to terms with her redefined family. — MONICA NOLAN

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