Fun In Boys' Shorts

Fun In Boys' Shorts

88 Minute Running Time

Laugh your shorts off with Frameline33’s version of our hilarious favorite. Daring young boys, experimental “straight” guys and kinky travelers are just a few of the quirky delights in this program.

In our first film, a Frequent Traveller wants to be touched within the security control system of an airport. With the help of animation, the filmmaker considers a piece of fan mail he received in The Island. Boy meets Boy on a bus in South Korea. Ever wondered what men get up to alone at home — more than a few great minds have worked up a head of STEAM over this one. The best Sucker in town is well admired, but in the end he just wants to cuddle. Two attractive guys reconsider that whole being straight thing for Thirteen or So Minutes. A gay TV decorating show personality reconnects with the geek, the party girl and the jock at his 20-year Reunion. After emo kids Israel and Louie walk around East LA and Dish about the sexual escapades of their high school classmates, Israel decides he has some catching up to do.

Text Voting Codes:

Frequent Traveller: S542
The Island: S508
Boy Meets Boy: S538
Sucker: S501
Thirteen Or So Minutes: S552
Reunion: S533
Dish: S595



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