Bi Request

Bi Request

98 Minute Running Time

This year’s Bi Request program is all about bi love, lust and passion. From playful and sexy to unrequited and avenged, from celebratory to revealing, bisexuals are falling in, out and back in love faster than you can say “hi” and “bi!”

In Shafted, fierce femmes fight for their right to keep custody of their sex toys post-break-up. The lives of three Londoners intertwine in Bus Stop. With Allison, My Love, we get to celebrate bi women’s sexuality. During Recess, the victim of biphobic domestic violence fights back. (Warning: hate crimes depicted.) Things cheer up when a trio of Best Friends frolic in the countryside. Holy Water brings us the delicately crafted coming out story of a teen in Puerto Rico, while over in Los Angeles, a naval officer tries to drown her sorrows in Flotsam. For Thirteen or So Minutes, two straight guys go bi for each other. Finally, a wire-figure bisexual designs the perfect mate, in Make a Mate.

Text Voting Codes:

Shafted: S574
Bus Stop: S551
Allison, My Love: S516
Recess: S543
Best Friends: S539
Holy Water: S575
Flotsam: S594
Thirteen Or So Minutes: S552
Make A Mate: S545

Copresented by

Bay Area Bisexual Network

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