Get Happy

Get Happy

84 Minute Running Time

Get ready to Get Happy with this combination of gay space fighters, magical shoes, fierce drag queens and, of course, Hannah Montana.

Don’t shoot your gaywad on the first short, Lipstique, a music video/makeup tutorial starring local SF drag stars Fauxnique and Peaches Christ. A cable guy finds unexpected inspiration in Steeling Magnolias. You’ll like totally love learning about the gays from Hannah Montana in the sick puppet animation, Little BFFs. A dark future awaits us in Galactic Sex Wars, where a struggle between homosexual separatists and Christian fundamentalists rages in the year 3069. Golden Diamonds features a fantastical adventure where our stars discover the charm of Meir golden shoes, and the Dalistyxx let us know who is a Fashion Ho in their newest music video. Two of Tinseltown's most transtastic transplants create the most talked about drag number in the Valley in Lushes. Ookie Cookie is a gaytastic tribute to video artist Tom Rubintz starring Jackie Beat and a pickle. Finally, Get Happy is a coming of age musical extravaganza about Mark Payne, who became a singer, clothing designer, and stage performer alongside Bob Hope and Milton Berle, all before puberty. Now one of the most sought after makeup artists in Hollywood, a plethora of childhood footage documents his trek to the top.

Text Voting Codes:

Lipstique (Featuring Fauxnique): S569
Steeling Magnolias: S635
Little BFFs: S576
Galactic Sex Wars: S626
Golden Diamonds: S585
Fashion Ho: S603
Lushes: S592
Ookie Cookie: S612
Get Happy: S520


Edge San Francisco

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