Mississippi: I Am

Expected guests: director Katherine Linton, subject Lance Bass

If you’re from Mississippi, you’re expected to be hospitable, polite and proud. You should hold true to your Christian beliefs and be hard-working. Don’t question authority. Churches are on almost every corner, where homophobic vitriol has been spewed for decades. Under this backdrop, Mississippi: I Am examines the push from young people to bring LGBT civil rights issues to the forefront. From a lesbian who chooses home-schooling to avoid constant bullying, to a gay boy who wants to join the Marines and serve his country, to out and proud native son Lance Bass of ’N Sync fame, to the national press garnering story of Constance who merely wanted to wear a tuxedo to her senior prom and bring her girlfriend as her date, these queer Mississippians share their courageous stories. They take a stand declaring, “It’s their state too!”



Whistlin’ Dixie: Queer Sounds, New South dir Meredith Heil 2011 USA 30 min
In this foot-stompin’, guitar-strummin’ ride to the southland, amidst evangelical country radio and confederate flags you’ll find a new generation of queer activists. Rock, folk, bluegrass and country music all seem to waft in the humid air and it deeply informs their sense of community. In Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia, Whistlin’ Dixie investigates the complex relationship between music, identity politics and resistance through intimate interviews and riveting performances—including a Butchies reunion show in Athens, Georgia and with insightful words from Amy Ray of Indigo Girls.

Co-presented by:
LYRIC - Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center

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