A Self-Made Man

Expected to attend: director Lori Petchers, subjects Tony Ferraiolo and Dru Levasseur.

At a crucial turning point, Tony Ferriaolo’s inner voice said, “Create yourself.” This credo saved his life and continues to save many others. Born female, Tony identified as a boy and grew up bullied and isolated. Unhappy and angry as a lesbian, Tony eventually realized he was actually a trans guy. Terrified of coming out again, this time as trans, Tony was intent on taking his life. Instead, he bravely heeded his own inner guidance and started his transition process. Tony wanted to be a happy artist, a tattooed guy who loves people, and so he set out to be just that. Tony’s self-transformation has prepared him uniquely to serve as a youth advocate for trans and gender-variant kids and their families. At this time of quickening in transgender awareness, younger and younger kids are declaring their gender identities, and families are struggling to adjust. One of Tony’s support groups is an art group for gender-variant kids as young as eight. He’s preparing trans teens to mentor peers as they make their own unique journeys along the gender spectrum. Filmmaker Lori Petchers highlights A Self-Made Man who is an endearing and inspiring guiding light for whole families to move forward together with love, empowerment, and compassion.




Uncomfortable with her body since youth, Chantal, who lives with her six-year-old son in Munich, yearns to be accepted as both a man and a father—at a parents' night at school, Kevin bravely makes his first public appearance.

Co-presented by:
Transgender Law Center

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