Worldly Women

Whether it’s a decades-long connection that results in a final plunge or the mystery of secret panties, Frameline’s annual Worldly Women program will take you on a global tour of the many variations of womanly delights. The provocative My Secret Panties examines the varying faces of lesbian Muslims. In the visually gripping Dos Almas, a mestiza woman finds herself alone in the remote wilderness and discovers a guide and lover deep in the woods. Can Shopping really bring true love? This may prove to be the case despite years of missed connections. In Through the Window, we discover Yoni, deep in the closet and torn between her great love and her family. All is revealed in Fresh Fruit when a woman bored by her day job lets her imagination run wild and takes her own trip of seduction out on one of the guests. In the mysterious Social Butterfly, a 30-year-old American woman enters a teenage party, where sexual identity open up amidst the celebratory chaos. Finally, in Cross Your Fingers, Su-yeon, a manicurist in Brixton, South London, is a good Catholic girl. But when punk girl Maya walks into the salon, Su-yeon world is opened up to a multitude of new desires.


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