I Left My Ex in San Francisco

The rarely-clothed, pregnant, dance-crazed, and death-consumed are let loose in San Francisco to wreak havoc and break hearts in this shorts program featuring Bay Area talent. Chris and Greg compete for the title of The Next Great Artist in their newest installment of Falling in Love with Chris and Greg. A punk rock love story comes to life (and death), in the ‘90s-inspired Riot Ghoul. Even the ‘80s get evoked through music and sweaty dancing in Nikkis and Crunch Pop. A local artist shares her Barbie-inspired artwork in The Altered Lives of LaVonne Salleé. Local cult comediennes Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick prove–once again–that you don't need pants to be taken seriously in Tick Tock for Ding Dongs. All this and more, in an eclectic mix of films that pack a punch, take a break, stagger on hysteria, and still make it to the party on time-ish.


Co-presented by:
Bay Area Video Coalition

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