I Come from A Land Down Under

Indulge in these Aussies shorts with sardonic wit and their often offbeat, anarchic take on the world. Summer Suit set in the country town of Euroa, tells the wistful tale of ten-year-old tomboy Robbie who suffers from occasional epileptic seizures, but when she discovers one of her brother’s suits, may have found her identity armor. In Gorilla a weekend respite for a newly formed gay couple takes a surprising turn when a mysterious woman arrives at their secluded campsite. Kitty explores a young effeminate queer boy, who only wants to be accepted into his sister's friendship group. In dik confusion reigns when a six-year-old boy brings home a piece of schoolwork that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation, and their own, with disastrous, yet hilarious results. Queen of the Desert features Starlady, who may just steal Priscilla’s limelight. Not only has she got pink extensions, painted on eyebrows, glitter stockings, and superman hotpants—Starlady’s a youth worker in some of Australia’s most remote places. And her tools are unique—scissors, bleach and hair dye. Like a real life Priscilla, Starlady takes us on a journey to Areyonga, an indigenous community in Central Australia, where she works with a group of cheeky youngsters singlehandedly bringing glamour to the outback.


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