Bi Candy

Get your fanny packs stocked for bi-coastal travel, not-so-typical family vacations, nudist romps, and trips through time and space on the wings of gay superheroes in this year’s uproarious and heartbreaking bi-shorts program.

Fanny packs are back, in the quick flight of fancy that is The Pigeon Family; while less bold fashion decisions lead to questions of whether an absentee boyfriend might be replaced by a longtime best friend in After Hours. Haven’t you always wished you could jump into a small, enclosed space, slap on some spandex, and fight the hate crimes of the world? Your prayers are answered in the joyously campy The Gayanator. In the bi-coastal comedy, Housebroken, a painful break-up recovery is aided by the warmth of what seems like the perfect (hetero?) couple. But will their southern (California) hospitality go too far? An annual family trip gets hijacked by a mysterious old flame, leaving Yuval desperate to go home in the breathtaking Summer Vacation (Sundance 2013). The emotional short Cologne expresses in dance the intimate complexities of love and lust as only a Dolly Parton soundtrack can allow.


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