Del Lado Del Verano
The Summer Side

DIRECTOR: Antonia San Juan

Tana’s family put the “D” in dysfunctional. Never is this more clear than when her unemployed, alcoholic Dad kicks the bucket. The ties (licit and illicit) between his widow, her sisters, his sister, and various cousins are more tangled than a rat’s nest, and Salvador’s death unleashes a merry-go-round of backstabbing gossip and melodrama. How do you maintain your sanity in a family where your grandmother crank calls your mom?

Upwardly mobile Tana plans to head for Australia with her boyfriend and leave it all behind—including the family member she’s closest to, her not-very-closeted gay cousin Tomás. Tomás is having his own troubles. His rabidly homophobic mom, Blanca, won’t accept the reality staring her in the face. “A new girlfriend every week,” Blanca brags to frenemy sister-in-law Vanessa, whose dyke daughter goes clubbing with Tomás. Getting away from this family won’t be easy.

Gorgeously shot on location in the Canary Islands, the lush, island setting contrasts with the never-ending squabbles of the bingo-obsessed sisters and their unhappy children. At times darkly comic (the actresses playing sisters Blanca and Carmen are standouts), the film unblinkingly reveals the sisters’ hypocrisies and the queer reality behind the fantasies they use to one-up each other. “My family runs from everything,” says Tana. But she, at least, is running with eyes wide open.


In Spanish with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F109

Co-presented by:
Cine+Mas - San Francisco Latino Film Festival

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