Heterosexual Jill

DIRECTOR: Michelle Ehlen

Expected to attend: director/screenwriter/actor Michelle Ehlen.

Filmmaker Michelle Ehlen wrote, directed, and stars in this satirical pseudo-romantic comedy—and sequel to Butch Jamie (Frameline32)—about being in love with the person you think you are. Butch Jamie struggles to find inspiration in her leading role on the “best mockumentary about cat-actors that the world has ever seen.” It doesn’t help that one of her exes, Lola, also works on the film, taking care of the cat-actors (yes, Howard the Cat makes his well-dressed return—it really is all about him).

Enter Jill, an incredibly neurotic, newly self-identified “ex-lesbian” who is having some blockage on her pathway to heterosexuality. Jill decides to track down her ex-girlfriend Jamie, just to prove to herself that she’s no longer attracted to her. Jamie crashes Jill’s ex-lesbian group, and what ensues is a send-up of ex-gay therapy—and of exes who won’t go away. The laughs and sharp social critique are delivered in equal measure when Jamie agrees to the hare-brained scheme of dating Jill again so that Jill can close the lesbian chapter of her life.

On-set love triangles cause unexpected problems, as David (a new crewmember) and Lola compete for the affection of the hunky and sexually ambiguous José. Naturally, Jill and Jamie’s relationship gets complicated—fast—and Jamie finds herself questioning everything and everyone around her, including herself. Heterosexual Jill cleverly employs over-the-top queer comedy and wit to examine and explode limited definitions of sexuality—be it homo, bi, or hetero.

— K. TaffyJane

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F117

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