Big Gay Love


Expected to attend: director/screenwriter Ringo Le, actor Jonathan Lisecki.

Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby, Frameline36) stars in this unconventional take on the standard Hollywood romcom formula, as a socially awkward gay guy in the stock Meg Ryan/Kate Hudson role, with a cult-TV heartthrob cast as his potential soul mate—as they attempt to find Big Gay Love.

A successful but insecure party planner, Bob desperately searches for love on his own terms in body image–obsessed Los Angeles. He has a steady job, plenty of friends, a kooky bewigged mom, and enough money saved up to plunk down for his first house. But he’s not toned or ripped, and he suspects that’s the reason he doesn’t have a dreamy boyfriend with whom to share life’s precious moments and adopt a couple of Lhasa apsos.

Enter Andy (Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Psycho Beach Party fame), a successful chef/restaurateur he meets at a catered party for Bob’s quirky gal pal. Their romance blossoms, but Bob’s insecurities run amok when their relationship gets physical. In an attempt to fit in with his vapid gym-rat friends (who provide loads of unrelenting comic relief), Bob makes an appointment with the plastic surgeon to become “perfect” and finally fit in.

Wacky hijinks and heartwarming moments ensue, with some unexpected twists. With Big Gay Love, writer-director Ringo Le cleverly crafts a love letter to everyone who’s ever wanted to be accepted as themselves regardless of their color, shape, or size. Amen, girl.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F101

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