DIRECTORS: Kadet,  Texas

Expected to attend: directors Texas & Kadet .

Sexperimental is a retrospective of the pioneering queer analog video art of Kadet and Texas. Best friends and collaborators, they were inspired by a lineage of feminist filmmakers, and the early ‘90s culture of gender investigation, queer play parties, techno, music videos, the accessibility of video, and emerging queer erotica. Self-expression was at the core of their work; as fully charged up artists and activists they wanted to reveal an alternative way of viewing women and trans sexuality–and address the consequential lack of materials representing female sexuality. Texas is regarded as the first transgender video artist and hasn't shown these early works since 1997, just a couple years after he started transitioning. This digitally remastered archival compilation with contributing directors Sophie Constantinou and Ursula Rodriguez includes: Girls Will Be Boys, Cunt Dykula, Jill Jacks Off, You Little Devil You, Tex-Sex, Friendly Fuck Film, Quvvrr, Impact Zone, Rave Porn, Alienator, Pussy Buffet, plus previously unreleased material, in celebration of their 20th year anniversary as filmmakers.

Amid flashing, fragmented imagery and visual puns, butches play with other butches (when not playing with gender identity and with themselves), play piercing fluidly leads to blood play, and the pleasures and pains of sexuality are hard to distinguish. Themes of alienation, homoeroticism, ambiguity, empowerment, and narcissism are wrapped up in metaphors, expressed through visuals of pin-up girls, cars, food, leather, and strap-ons which generate a body of experimental video portraiture of a powerful and pivotal time.


Co-presented by:
Center for Sex and Culture

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