Romeo Romeo

DIRECTOR: Lizzie Gottlieb

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes an unexpectedly long and emotional journey to the baby carriage. After their storybook wedding, Jessica and Lexy are ready for the next step in their deeply committed relationship. But their efforts to have a baby turns out to be a much more arduous and complicated process than they ever expected—filled with frustration, disappointment, and a whole lot of expensive and invasive procedures. From artificial insemination to in-vitro fertilization, it’s an ongoing crusade fought with eggs, sperm, ovaries, follicles, petri dishes, pregnancy tests, and the inevitable turkey baster.

Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be getting pregnant but them. Yet despite a succession of fertility failures, Lexy and Jessica remain hopeful, determined and undeterred, because their commitment to making a baby is as unwavering as their commitment to each other. In her intimate portrait of a modern queer marriage, director Lizzie Gottlieb exposes the common experience of all couples who struggle with the medical, financial, physical, and emotional challenges of infertility. Alternately heartbreaking and humorous, it is a personal look at just how much people are willing to invest in building a family.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D331

Co-presented by:
Our Family Coalition

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