Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

DIRECTOR: Arvin Chen

Weichung has been happily married to his lovely wife Feng for nine years. Or has he? With a six-year-old son and a new promotion, all seems to be going well for Weichung. But it’s hard not to notice the melancholic look in his eyes, and it’s easy to imagine the secret lurking behind them. When his old friend Stephen, a flamboyant wedding photographer, appears on the scene, that secret is all too clear: Weichung has lived his entire married life as a closeted gay man. But his innate desires can only be repressed for so long, soon sparked by a young flight attendant named Thomas. As the shy Weichung veers hesitantly back toward his former gay lifestyle, Feng (spurred on by her meddling mother) is eager to have another child.

Meanwhile, his moody and impulsive younger sister Mandy has dumped her fiancé San-San, who is desperately trying to woo her back with the help of Stephen and his openly gay “sisters.” This impeccably charming romantic comedy is an utter delight, with its cast of sweet (but never saccharine) characters, fairytale-like dream sequences, karaoke cabaret, and the most intimate eye exam ever seen on film. A Bay Area native now based in Taiwan, director Arvin Chen has crafted a confection of a film that is also an authentic and well-drawn story of love, family and sexuality—and the conflict many Asian gay men experience trying to reconcile all three.


In Mandarin/ Min Nan with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F142

Co-presented by:
Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)

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