Easy Abby: Every Day Making Love More Difficult (Season One)

DIRECTOR: Wendy Jo Carlton

Expected to attend: director Wendy Jo Carlton.

Directed by Fest fave Wendy Jo Carlton (Jamie & Jessie Are Not Together, Hannah Free) and starring actor and producer Lisa Cordileone, Easy Abby is a new comedic webseries about the (mis)adventures of a thirtysomething lesbian living in Chicago and trying to juggle the dating scene with slickness and sense of humor.

True to her nickname, Easy Abby is a smooth operator always up to the task. As she works a series of odd jobs, trying to make do, she also clumsily works through a series of dates, hook-ups, and sometimes delves into meaningful conversations about love and relationships. From the sexy hookup in the public bathroom, to the enticing encounter with a stranger that could potentially turn into something more, to the awkward run-in with the bitterly forsaken one-night stand that never heard from her again, to the ironic blind setup with the hook-up whose name she can’t seem to remember—Abby has her hands full. Oscillating between hot, casual flings and wanting to get closer but fearing the intimacy that a relationship requires, Abby’s attempts are not always successful and often awkward, but they are always sexy and fun.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F110

Co-presented by:
Bay Area Women in Film and Media

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