Fun in Girls Shorts

Disaster kit loving dykes, the joys of gay divorce, and teenage lesbian vampires are all part of this year’s solid, side-splitting and sexy collection of queer women’s shorts!

First Clue offers insight into our earliest intuitions that we delight in who we are until taught otherwise. Two women check into a hotel for a night of fun on their Dream Date. In Disaster Preparedness, a hurricane places a couple at the crossroads of commitment, disaster, and the art of being prepared. Two women learn after their One Night Stand that, sometimes, you get more than you bargained for. The language of love does not need to be heard for two women to connect in What’s Your Sign? Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny asks: What happens when a couple that once shagged like bunnies find themselves in a routine? A sexy Hollywood starlet finds her way into a stranger’s arms in Her With Me. Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez are two lesbians on the brink of a divorce. Naughty car-washing Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) makes matters even more hilarious in She Said, She Said. It’s one hell of a night in YOLO as three friends party and mix friendship with lust in this lesbian vampire film!

— Desiree Buford

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