Off Road

A mechanic by trade and an off-road racing champion in his free time, Pino might sound like your average middle-aged working-class Italian man. But there is something very different about Pino: it’s the fact that Pino has decided to live life as a woman named Beatrice. With bright red lipstick, a short blonde bob, an oil-stained pink top, and a stocky build, Beatrice certainly stands out in her community. Not long after transitioning, Beatrice meets Marianna, a Romanian nurse caring for Beatrice’s elderly mother. The two fall in love, get married in Rome (both in wedding gowns), and begin their own unique family, which includes Marianna’s teenage son and their adorable Rottweiler.

Honored at the Rome Film Fest in 2013, Elisa Amoruso’s intimate, beautifully lensed documentary goes beyond offering a portrait of “the new normal.” It shows the struggles and questions particular to this remarkable family, in addition to proving that the cornerstone of any successful family is love and acceptance—no matter how the family is built.

— Joe Bowman


Luigi e Vincenzo

DIR Giuseppe Bucci 2013 Italy 5 min

An aging gay couple in Italy struggle with exposing their love for each other, despite the changing times. But even as acceptance becomes more commonplace, Luigi and Vincenzo know we still have a long way to go.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D320

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