Bi Candy: Bisexual Short Cinema

Why isn’t sex ever truly simple? Or relationships for that matter? Is it because we can never truly understand what goes on in someone else’s body or mind?

In the animated short Simple, everyone seems to know what (and who) they want, yet reciprocation remains an endless challenge. Past and present coincide in Lillies, when a chance meeting reveals a love story as intricate as origami. In Deadweight and Balloons, a married woman explores the limits of what a colleague’s pep talk might include, while a sexual practice session between two young men has its own rewards in the Swedish dramedy BoyGame. In a flash of color and beauty from Senegal, The Other Woman reveals some unforeseen risks of bringing another woman into the home. Desire fragments and reshapes reality in The Kiss, locking Emilia and Matylda in a fraught embrace as they try to find out the truth about last night. This international program of shorts traverses the hetero-homo divide in brave, shocking, and hilarious ways.

— Allegra and April Hirschman

This film contains sexually explicit material.

Co-presented by:
Bay Area Bisexual Network
Center for Sex & Culture

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