Fun in Boys Shorts

Nothing is sacred and everything is hilarious in these sparkling comic gems, which spoof everything from YouTube videos and online hookups to Harry Potter fanboys and self-absorbed gay-oisie.

In Safe Word, a bored couple tries to spice up their sex life with movie-inspired role play that goes a bit too far. In Trunk, an Australian college lad visits home and is beset by a loud, larger-than-life, unwelcome guest. Back in the USA, a manhunt in the neighborhood wreaks havoc with Kenton’s Sex Date. If you miss the merchandising ads from Saturday morning TV, you’ll love Cruising Electric (1980), an inspired two-minute commercial parody. Meanwhile, in Slash, a precocious 13-year-old boy posts unusual literary twists on Harry Potter and Star Trek and develops a decidedly more adult online fan base. Think your friends are shallow? Wait till you meet the pair of insufferable LA narcissists who complain about the world in The Disgustings. Hailing from Austria, MeTube: August Sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ pays affectionate, goofy homage to the legions of diva wannabes who upload homemade videos. And finally, a neurotic Manhattanite finds his intimate birthday party turning into a comic nightmare in the sharply written Dinner at 40.

— Peter L. Stein

Sponsor: AT&T

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