My Straight Son
Azul Y No Tan Rosa

DIRECTOR: Miguel Ferrari

The first-ever Venezuelan winner of the Goya Awards’ Iberoamerican Film Prize, My Straight Son tackles weighty issues of family, fatherhood, and freedom with charm and grace. Diego is a fashion photographer, shooting models and various arts gigs in Caracas. Though he’s not out to his family, they all know about his “good friend” Fabrizio, an ob/gyn who’d like to settle down. Meanwhile, his son, Armando, the result of a past heterosexual romance who currently lives with his mother in Spain and harbors anger toward his absent father, is coming for a visit.

As Diego attempts to reconnect with his child and decide about his future with his boyfriend, a tragic hate crime changes everything in the blink of an eye. These difficult circumstances force the handsome but somewhat superficial Diego to become a man and accept responsibility for himself and his family.

Director Miguel Ferrari charts his protagonist’s course with a sure hand and a steady eye, filling the film with moving dramatic situations and well-rounded supporting characters, including a fierce transsexual cabaret artiste named Delirio del Rio (Venezuelan telenovela star Hilda Abrahamz) and the lively and loud-mouthed Perla Marina. A tearjerker with immense heart, My Straight Son provides a telenovela’s worth of entertainment, with dexterity and style.

— Rod Armstrong

This film contains graphic depictions of homophobic violence.

In Spanish with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F129

Co-presented by:
Somos Familia

Sponsor: Gay Ad Network

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