Go Fish

DIRECTOR: Rose Troche

Expected to attend: Director Rose Troche, Co-writer/Actor Guinevere Turner

Produced on a shoestring budget during the height of the New Queer Cinema movement, Go Fish first created a buzz in 1994 as Frameline18’s Opening Night selection. This debut feature from writer-director Rose Troche (recipient of the 2004 Frameline Award) also launched the career of its co-writer and star, queer film icon Guinevere Turner. And it made a critical contribution to the lives of queer women everywhere by illuminating the importance of … nail-clippers.

In this groundbreaking lesbian-looking-for-love story, Max (Turner) is a backward-baseball-cap-wearing baby dyke living in 1990s Chicago. Over drinks at a café, Max complains to her roommate Kia that she needs help finding “hot babes.” Kia offers to introduce Max to Ely (V.S. Brodie), the shy, long-haired lesbian sitting behind Max at a nearby table. But when Max sneaks a peek over her shoulder, she immediately rejects Ely for being “U-G-L-Y.” Nonetheless, circumstances throw the two together, and Max and Ely end up sharing a kiss on the couch after going to the movies. But their sizzle fizzles mid-kiss when they hear Ely’s long-distance lover’s voice on the answering machine.

As fresh today as it was 20 years ago, this queer classic proves that the more things change, the more they remain the same—namely, that looking for love can take you to some pretty surprising places. And, as Max famously says, “The girl is out there.” You just have to find her.

— Gretchen Lee

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