After Love

North American Premiere

Somewhere amid the darkened underground discotheques and cruisy public bathrooms, a doomed love triangle forms between three lost souls in this stylish noir. Ben is a high-fashion photographer with an existential curiosity that places him amid the fringes of society. He finds himself drawn to Jean, an emotionally distant rentboy, who spends his nights cruising the public toilets for johns. Dangerous complications arise when Jean develops an obsessive attraction to a seductive trans call-girl named June. To make matters even more tangled, June has a past score to settle with Ben and uses Jean as bait to set the trap. With striking cinematography in high contrast black-and-white and an eerie, haunting electronic score—a style calling to mind David Lynch’s Eraserhead by way of Fassbinder and the French New Wave—director Marc Jago creates a moody and dreamlike world for his characters to inhabit, in this unforgettable and impressive feature film debut.

— Joe Bowman

(Orpheus) The Poetics of Finitude
DIR Rudy Lemcke 2014 USA 7 min
In English, French with English subtitles

This deconstruction of the myth of Orpheus uses live action (from Cocteau’s Orphée), animation, sound, and text to create a visual poem.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F101

Co-presented by:
Berlin & Beyond Film Festival
Film Noir Foundation

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