Fun in Boys Shorts

Need a lift? Check your troubles at the door and join the laugh-fest at Frameline’s annual celebration of upbeat, downright funny gay flicks. Our frisky octet is promiscuous when it comes to genre—you’ll find twisted takes on animation and documentary, an after-school special, and, inevitably, a beauty pageant backstage melodrama. Pop-Up Porno: m4m recounts a hilarious hook-up disaster through brilliantly realized paper pop-ups. Next, Oscar and Sergio’s comfy five-year partnership heads into choppy waters when one of them floats an Open Relationship. In The Little Deputy, Trevor the filmmaker returns home to retake a problematic childhood portrait with his father, while Hank the handyman finds that taking things apart is cathartic in Tradesman’s Exit. A little boy who loves dresses has until midnight to live out a fantasy granted by his “Fairy Drag Mama,” and a landlady’s erratic voicemails form the New York audio diary of One Year Lease. In Pipe Dream, the teenage son of two daddies worries about his, er, endowment, while in Mini Supreme, after losing his dead-end job, Jeremie wants to follow his own dream: entering a little girls’ beauty pageant. The pageant moms are not amused.

— Peter L. Stein

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