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Un amor espléndido could be the sultry subtitle for this special Latin edition of Frameline’s annual excursion into international love and romance. The four short narratives in this sexy program find men from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile in various states of arrival and departure that crank up the emotional—and erotic—tension for each pair. In Trémulo, on the eve of Mexican Independence Day, a young barbershop assistant is smitten when he locks eyes with a new army recruit, who stops by for a trim before he must deploy. It’s also the eve of departure for Sebastian, who is about to return to Argentina after a week-long holiday in snowy Toronto, where his unexpected connection with a local fellow, Alex, has them both wondering what these last ten minutes together should mean. In sunshiny Rio de Janeiro, Junior is planning to delight his long-term boyfriend with a marriage proposal and has planned an elaborate surprise; but things don’t go quite as planned in the funny and charming I Do. Finally, on an island off the coast of southern Chile, Lucas is paying a visit to his sister before moving abroad, when he encounters a local young fisherman, Antonio. The spark between them is unmistakable, even to suspicious locals. Charting a course through rocky waters is the challenge for the soulful lovers of San Cristobal.

— Peter L. Stein

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