Fun in Girls Shorts

Pin-up dream girls, misadventures in therapy, and the brave new world of “dating 3.0” make up this sexy, grin-inducing collection of queer women’s shorts! An 8-year-old’s life takes a turn when she believes her new teacher is the woman from her dad’s pin-up magazine in Carina. Two women in search of relationship help visit a new therapist for their First Session. Dorothy, a tough-as-nails butch, gives an abridged history lesson in 11 Life Lessons from an Awesome Old Dyke. Playing with the tropes of the 2013 Palme d’Or winner, V is the Warmest Color retells the tale staring a vagina. A one-night stand settles in and refuses to leave in Be Here Nowish: Episode 2. Sugarhiccup shows how nonsensical data and social media can lead to questionable decision-making. Pansexual playgirl Dylan rethinks her free-spirited, poly lifestyle when she meets seductive Sam in Whatever We Want To Be. Tempers rise between a couple on the tennis court, piquing the interest of some older lesbians in Playing with Balls. Nisha Ganatra (Chutney Popcorn, Frameline23) returns with Code Academy, a futuristic short looking at the inner worlds of adolescence, gender identity, and cyberspace.

— Desiree Buford

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