This affirming collection puts representations of transgender and genderqueer folks front and center. From poetic images of empowered free-floating bodies, to a WWII vet staking her claim, to brown transmen speaking truth to power these shorts celebrate the vast richness of embracing one’s authentic self. A stunningly artistic film shot completely underwater, Float features trans and genderqueer folks swimming naked and is set to the music of trans musician Rae Spoon. At 92, Robina Asti, a World War II veteran and pilot, tells her story of living as a transgender woman since 1976 in Flying Solo. When a new neighbor moves into the building a beautiful friendship blossoms in Under the Last Roof. Profiling the lives of three transmen of color, “Passing” explores what life is like living as a black man, when no one knows you are transgender. Filmmaker Elisha Lim lyrically recounts finding liberation from the gender binary in 100 Crushes Chapter 6: They. In Ma/ddy a gender-queer widow overcomes obstacles to create the family she’s always wanted. At her new school living in Stealth, trans tween Sammy finds the friends she’s always dreamed of having until a threat of a betrayal arises, and she must decide whether to run or to live as her whole self.

— Desiree Buford

Co-presented by:
Project AFFIRM

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