Realness & Revelations

These electrifying shorts celebrate an array of voices of queer and trans folks of color. From tomboys playing house, to old butch barbers with swag, to WWB as a transman, to the fierce quest for queer fat femme-topia, these films feature QTPOC folks fostering connections and speaking truths to power. Alex confronts her curiosity about Charlotte, the popular girl at school, and discovers an unexpected closeness. At age 83, Nancy’s defiance and resilience to maintain her identity as a Chicana butch lesbian has garnered her legendary status as Nancy from East Side Clover. In No No, Homo two boys sit alone at a matinee together, with a big, mouthwatering bucket of popcorn. Fiercely honest, ABSENCE is a quest—for community, for visibility, for that queer fat API femme utopia. A story about loss of connection, Tough asks: What does it really mean to be tough and also accepted for who you really are? Beautifully shot and amplified with magical realism, Beat finds a shy illustrator ignited by a mysterious bike courier. A Shameless woman on trial turns the tables on her accusers. “Passing” explores what life is like living as a black man, when no one knows you are transgender.

— Desiree Buford

Co-presented by:
Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women & Transgender Community
Brown Boi Project
fiveTEN Oakland
Impact Hub Oakland

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