I Love Her, But

Love is everywhere—frivolous, inappropriate, unrequited, and almost always life altering—but often not so easy to find or to keep. Hitch a ride around the globe on this exploration of women who love women—featuring titles from Iran, Ukraine, Mexico, Germany, Canada, and the USA. A glowing heartbeat takes on an active role in Beat, a delightful story of blossoming love for a young recluse. Threesomes are obviously not for everyone as jealousies abound in the sexy French-Canadian Pepper. And at times Actresses can be self-involved and also fall in love—love sprinkled with constructive criticism. In Roads, adventurous and free-spirited Abril comes across quiet Carmela in the countryside of Mexico, inspiring a change for both of them. Audible explores possibilities of love hidden in the shadows in Iran. Blood and Water finds lust awash in neon on the streets of NYC’s dive bars, as a young student falls for her professor. Young Taiwanese-German immigrants Ron and May show that love can persist under the gray skies of Berlin in The Birthday. Finally, love knows no boundaries in I Love Her, as a songstress takes to the streets and sings despite the stifling climate within Ukraine.

— Frances Wallace

Co-presented by:
San Francisco LGBT Community Center

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