Get Animated!

Leave the kids at home for this queerly adult-oriented animated ride. Two couples go out on the town in the subversive, revisionist, 1930s-cartoon misadventure Happy & Gay. A cherub manipulatively reunites a couple in Heavenly Peace. An ensemble of irreverent teen foods navigate sexuality and gender identity in McTucky Fried High. The accidental reveal of a burlesque dancer’s identity leads to audience self-questioning in Mindtease. When one man takes a closer look, he discovers his beauty in The Dancer & the Crow. Deconstruction of the Orpheus myth creates a visual poem in (Orpheus) The Poetics of Finitude. Two girl bunnies meet on a block of ice in space and become romantically smitten in The Girl Bunnies. ROCKETSHIP. Claymation explains a roommate’s preferred-gender-pronoun in 100 Crushes Chapter 6: They. The horror/magical realist Paper Thin subverts psychiatry and religious fundamentalism. A lovable, heartbroken alien puppet transitions into adult life in Myrna the Monster, and a closeted man delivers a full drag tribute to his lost love in Lady of the Night.

— Kevin Schaub

Co-presented by:
The Art Institute of California - Animation Department
SF Indiefest

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