Coming Up Queer

Growing up is the same as it ever was. It’s all about the friends you make, your first love, and discovering your true self during a tumultuous time. From a young transgender girl at her first sleepover to a camp dedicated to building LGBTQ community in the South, this youth oriented shorts collection features five perspectives on what it means to be coming up in the world as a queer person today. Being the new girl at school is hard enough. For Sammy, it’s even tougher, as she struggles with whether or not to tell her new BFFs her deepest secret—that she was born male—in Stealth, a polished, fresh take on growing up transgender. Boy meets boy at tryouts for the school play in Noam, a sweet tale of first love and coming out… as an actor. Frameline favorite Kai Stänicke returns with Golden, a fast-paced tale about feeling out of place but discovering your home in a shimmering community. When Alex befriends the beautiful, stylish, and popular Charlotte, more than a friendship begins to emerge. And at QORDS Camp, a hodgepodge of Southern teens comes together for a summer of building queer community through music and artistic expression.

— Alexis Whitham

Co-presented by:
Dimensions Clinic
Our Family Coalition

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