Love Island
Otok ljubavi

DIRECTOR: Jasmila Žbanic

West Coast Premiere

Expected to attend: Director Jasmila Žbanić, Actor Ermin Bravo, Screenwriter Aleksandar Hemon, Producer Christine A. Maier

A lush getaway to a gorgeous haven on the Adriatic Sea leads to romantic antics and frisky business for amiable party boy Grebo, his very pregnant wife Liliane, and mysterious local dive master Flora. All Grebo and Liliane desire are some relaxing days in the sun before their extremely imminent baby arrives. But after winning over the resort crowd with his rousing rendition of the Scorpions’ “Winds of Change,” Grebo finds himself helplessly enchanted by the equally musical and profoundly seductive Flora. Her amiable flirtation and some very large communal blunts render him defenseless against her charms. His infatuation blinds him, however, to the obvious chemistry between Flora and Liliane, who share their own alluring secrets from the past. Toss in a cast of precociously observant youngsters, randy resort guests, and mischievous mermaids, and you’ve got a deliriously cinematic concoction worth relishing. This sexy, sun-soaked romp turns a new page for Bosnian writer-director Jasmila Žbanic, known for award-winning dramas. Love Island is as dizzy and fizzy as a tropical cocktail—giddily shot through with kaleidoscopic color, irrepressible humor, and rhapsodic Mamma Mia–esque musical interludes, all tangled up with playful sexual politics in an intoxicating blend of progressive poly mores and irresistible fantasy escapades. This is one island you’ll never want to leave.

— Leah LoSchiavo

In English, Croatian, Bosnian with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F121

Co-presented by:
Bay Area Bisexual Network

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