DIRECTOR: Mikki del Monico

Bay Area Premiere

Expected to attend: Director Mikki del Monico, Producer/Actor Toni D’Antonio, Producer Ellora DeCarlo

Rising singer-songwriter Francesca “Frankie” Del Vecchio (Diana DeGarmo) is engaged to her promising musical career and to frozen-food entrepreneur Tony, happily devoted in equal measure to traditional Italian-American culture, her famiglia, and Mom’s lasagna. Frankie’s bella vita is perfectly peaceful—until a dead body shows up in the trunk of her rental car. Obsessed with the exploitative (and hugely popular) TV show Mob Hit, Frankie’s sister Heather convinces Frankie to attend the mafioso’s wake, setting off a string of fateful introductions to the real mobsters in their midst. The entrancingly seductive Nicolette, the daughter of newly minted mob don Caesar, takes a particular interest in Frankie and her music, paving the way to commercial success and an unexpected love interest. Which path will Frankie choose? And what’s up with the feds suddenly tracking her every move? What family secrets will be revealed along the way? Has everyone gone oobatz? This buoyant and boisterous debut feature from director Mikki del Monico—executive produced by Ellora DeCarlo, produced by Toni D'Antonio, and co-produced by and featuring Annabella Sciorra (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle), filmed in New York City by award-winning cinematographer Valentina Caniglia, scored with original music from Antigone Rising and Ace Young, and showcasing a star-making performance from American Idol runner up Diana DeGarmo—will rock its way into your heart. Badabing!

— Leah LoSchiavo

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F103

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