Liz in September

DIRECTOR: Fina Torres

Bay Area Premiere

Expected to attend: Director Fina Torres, Actors Danay García, Maria Luisa Floes, Patricia Velasquez, Eloisa Maturén, Producer Laura Oramas

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, a sexy, groundbreaking lesbian play from the early 1980s, gets a fresh update from Venezuelan director Fina Torres. Bluefish Cove is now a Caribbean beach, where a tight-knit group of lesbian friends, lovers, and cordial exes meet every year to relax and let their guard down, without having to hide who they are. For Liz, the group’s heartbreaker, the summer has a special significance, and she is determined to live it to the fullest—diving, drinking, and dancing to her heart’s content. Too bad she’s the only single one of the group. Then, a stranger crashes the cohort’s cozy world. Eva is a troubled married woman, who joins the intimate gathering courtesy of a car breakdown. When one of the gang bets the competitive Liz a bottle of champagne that she can’t get Eva into bed in three days, the game is on.

However, there’s more to both women than the labels they wear, and the plot thickens as confidences are shared and secret after secret—not to mention a little skin—is revealed. Viewers will drool over both the gorgeous tropical setting and the bevy of bathing beauties who decorate the beach. Patricia Velasquez (familiar from her work on Showtime’s The L-Word) is a standout as Liz, the hard-headed, motorcycle-riding seductress who secretly wonders what her legacy will be, and her cast of loving friends feels just like your own. Director Fina Torres (Celestial Clockwork; Woman on Top) artfully balances eye candy with poignancy, evoking rather than explaining the forces pushing an unlikely pair together.

— Monica Nolan

In Spanish with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F120

Co-presented by:
Lesbians Who Tech

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