Beautiful Something

DIRECTOR: Joseph Graham

West Coast Premiere

Expected to attend: Director Joseph Graham

In one desperate night, four disparate gay men cruise Philadelphia in pursuit of ever-elusive human connection. Brian (Brian Sheppard), a poet with an already-spent advance and a looming deadline, seeks distraction at dusk—whether that means a hook-up (or two) or confessing his love to his straight best friend. Drew (Colman Domingo, Selma, The Big Gay Sketch Show), a renowned sculptor in love with his boyish muse, is eager to finish his latest creation. His model Jim (Zack Ryan) is an unpredictable aspiring actor prone to dramatic outbursts. Simultaneously aroused and intimidated by Drew’s talent and devotion, Jim yearns for a modicum of freedom from the sculptor’s attentions. Rounding out the quartet is Bob (John Lescault), a wealthy, alcoholic talent agent, cruising the Philadelphia backstreets for the titular “beautiful something.” Despite his aimlessness, he usually finds his target.

With the gritty-yet-enchanting byways of Philadelphia as backdrop, the city itself becomes a significant supporting character. Beautiful Something follows these four men on their interlocking searches for sex, art, love, and identity within the City of Brotherly Love. Directing his smoldering cast with conviction in a moody, nighttime palette, San Francisco-based Joseph Graham gives us a film with a lot of male skin, but also a lot of heart, as it explores centuries-old questions about mixing up love with art.

— Will Gardner

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F106

Co-presented by:
Magnet – San Francisco AIDS Foundation
The Shanti Project

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