Deep Run

DIRECTOR: Hillevi Loven

World Premiere

Expected to attend: Director Hillevi Loven, Subject Cole Ray Davis, Editor Kristen Nutile, Producers Chris Talbott, Samara Levenstein

Executive produced by Susan Sarandon and helmed by Hillevi Loven, Deep Run is a compelling portrait of courageous Southern queer youth on a quest for belonging within their families of origin and within a community where faith is a sacred, binding commonality.

Following early inklings of his male identity, young transman Cole perseveres through continued violence and rejection from his family, school, and church. With the help of loyal allies, Cole finds his tenuous place in his community and longs for a love to call his own. After one girlfriend is “saved” by the church, resulting in the end of their relationship, Cole loses hope. Enter his true love, Ashley, who takes a parallel journey to come to terms with her own needs for belonging.

With the almighty power to uplift or destroy, churches are the center of family and community life for the young couple. But faced with blatant religious exclusion, they see pressures continue to grow as they seek spiritual refuge while dodging depression, addiction, violence, and suicide. This attempt to live out loud—a daunting challenge in rural North Carolina, where conservative Christianity rules—tests Cole and Ashley’s love for each other and for their God, until sudden events lead to a greater spiritual awakening and an even more unshakable faith.

— Carol Harada

This film is a recipient of a Frameline Completion Fund grant.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D304

Co-presented by:
Level Ground

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