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Frameline presents the best of this year's U.S. LGBTQ feature narratives.

Big Gay Love

USA, 2013, 85M

Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby, Frameline36) stars in this unconventional take on the standard Hollywood rom-com formula, as an awkward gay guy in the stock Meg Ryan/Kate Hudson role and a cult TV heartthrob who is cast as his potential soul mate—as they enter the path to find their Big Gay Love.

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Big Words

USA, 2012, 94M

Three members of a New York hip-hop group from the ’90s—one of whom is gay and estranged from the other two—unwittingly reunite on the eve of President Obama’s election in 2008.

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Breaking the Girls

USA, 2012, 85M

A sexy, twist-filled thriller in which a barely-getting-by law student gets entangled with a wild, wealthy lesbian, only to find out that her benefactor expects generosity to be repaid with a carefully-orchestrated murder.

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Burning Blue

USA, 2013, 96M

Filmmaker David Greer, a former Naval Aviator, infuses this tragic love story with real world details, going behind the curtain to capture the emotional fallout of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

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But I'm A Cheerleader


Natasha Lyonne shines in this John Waters influenced, iconic 1999 cult classic romantic comedy that brilliantly blends hilarity with romance as a high school girl finds the courage to be herself while she is forced to attend an extremely campy ex-gay program.

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USA, 2013, 88M

In this darkly comic film based on a well-known David Sedaris short story, a naive Yale graduate travels to Oregon to work as an apple picker; there, his journey of self-discovery takes a series of bizarre turns.

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USA, 2013, 93M

Frameline37 opens with Concussion, a sexy and daring breakthrough drama about a wealthy lesbian housewife whose straight-laced lifestyle takes a drastic and rebellious turn following a head injury.

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USA, 2013, 94M

Closeted high school B.F.F.s Brent and Tanner plot to become the coveted novelty G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend) of one of the three prom queen rivals amidst a crazy web of hilarious dilemmas and mishaps.

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The Go Doc Project

USA, 2013, 100M

The line between online lust and real-world love is blurred when an introverted college student befriends the magnetic go-go boy of his fantasies under the pretense of making a documentary about the gay NYC nightlife scene.

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The Happy Sad

USA, 2013, 87M

Two young couples in New York—one black and gay, one white and heterosexual—find themselves intertwined as they create new relationship norms, explore sexual identity and redefine monogamy.

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He's Way More Famous Than You

USA, 2013, 98M

With the Sanddunes Screenwriting contest ten days out and her film career unraveling around her, Squid and the Whale actress Halley Fieffer must make peace with her awkward, dirty-mouthed self amidst a pageant of Hollywood’s “who’s who” actors (Jesse Eisenberg, Ben Stiller, and Natasha Lyonne).

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Heterosexual Jill

USA, 2013, 80M

Filmmaker Michelle Ehlen wrote, directed, and stars in this satirical pseudo-romantic comedy—and sequel to Butch Jamie (Frameline32)—about being in love with the person you think you are.

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Hot Guys with Guns

USA, 2013, 103M

Billed as a Lethal Weapon-type action comedy with two gay leads, this frothy mystery caper centers on an aspiring actor and his party boy ex, who find themselves sucked into a crime spree targeting Hollywood’s so-called Velvet Mafia.

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Interior. Leather Bar.


By re-imagining the infamous “lost” footage cut from the controversial 1980 crime thriller Cruising (in which Al Pacino infiltrated New York’s leather world), directors Travis Mathews and James Franco create a genre-defying exploration of Hollywood, censorship and sexual mores.

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Pit Stop

USA, 2013, 82M

In this “low key but ultimately deeply satisfying” (Variety) romance, construction contractor Gabe and forklift operator Ernesto maneuver their way through responsibilities and loneliness to find each other in small town, Texas.

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USA, 2013, 89M

Test is a visually stunning, beautifully choreographed, and powerfully moving story set in the San Francisco modern dance scene of 1985, in the early years of the AIDS epidemic, right before the first HIV test is announced.

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USA, 2012, 100M

Valencia (based on the novel by Michelle Tea) showcases 18 visions of one girl’s heartbreaks, friendships, and wild experiences while finding herself in her community of fabulous, strange, artsy, genderqueer folks.

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Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf?

USA, 2013, 83M

Guinevere Turner and Carrie Preston co-star in writer-producer-star Anna Margarita Albelo’s hysterical comedy about the struggles a filmmaker endures while trying to remake Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? with an all-female cast.

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