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Frameline39 presents the best of this year's US LGBTQ feature narratives.

54: The Director's Cut

USA, 2015, 106M

A naïve New Jersey boy becomes the belle of New York’s 1970s disco demimonde in this glittering recreation of an era. This revelatory new cut restores Mark Christopher’s original vision, in which the Studio 54 waiter (Ryan Phillippe) embraces hedonism and uses his sexuality to get ahead.

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USA, 2015, 101M

It’s a lesbian mob comedy, capeesh? Surprising attractions, the mob, and family traditions gone oobatz pave the road to hilarity in this character-rich story that reveals what it means to come out to The Family.

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USA, 2014, 88M

Sarah is trapped in nowheresville Nevada when the worldly drifter Pepper blows into town and opens her eyes to life’s possibilities. But is Sarah being seduced by a wily user, or is she herself using Pepper to break free?

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Beautiful Something

USA, 2014, 91M

In this sexy, gritty drama set during one night, four diverse gay men explore Philadelphia in search of love, art, and human connection. Wrong alleys turn up the unexpected—but not the unwelcome—for this smoldering quartet looking for love, brotherly or otherwise.

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Dyke Central Episodes 6-10


From new tensions in old friendships to sex scenes that will make you gasp and bite your lower lip, this Oakland webseries gives you everything you want—and everything you didn’t realize you craved until you watched this show.

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USA, 2015, 85M

In this dark comedy, two co-dependent sisters who work as hotel maids—one a lesbian and the other a sex addict—use burglary, a bar mitzvah, and lots of purple dildos to dump the body of a hotel guest they accidentally kill.

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Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

USA, 2015, 87M

Henry Gamble’s young life has been devoted to his family and the church over which his father now presides. On the day of his 17th birthday pool party, however, all the undercurrents of this gossamer world begin to surface.

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I Am Michael

USA, 2015, 100M

In a controversial transformation, committed gay rights advocate Michael Glatze (James Franco) shocked his followers when he renounced homosexuality and embraced a heterosexual life. Justin Kelly’s compelling directorial debut presents this true story in an admirably measured, non-judgmental fashion.

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Jason and Shirley

USA, 2014, 79M

Director Stephen Winter presents a fictitious account of the making of Shirley Clarke’s seminal, controversial 1967 documentary Portrait of Jason, depicting the behind-the-scenes power struggle between the director and her eccentric subject.

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Naz & Maalik

USA, 2014, 85M

Two Black Muslim teens hang out on a quiet Friday afternoon in Brooklyn, little suspecting that an FBI agent is on their tail. Maalik and Naz may be hiding something, but it’s not what the agent thinks.

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S&M Sally

USA, 2015, 80M

In this fresh romcom, cuddling and picking out curtains are quickly replaced by flogging and safe words, as lesbian couple Jamie and Jill spice up their sex life by venturing into the leather scene.

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After 14 years together, Deb and Trisha are miles apart—emotionally and in their king-size bed. An attractive mom at their daughter’s preschool temporarily alleviates Deb’s loneliness but forces the couple to confront their shared reality.

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The Surface

USA, 2014, 78M

An aimless 22-year-old man happens upon a yard sale, where he finds a vintage 8mm camera for sale. His impromptu purchase awakens unexpected impulses, both artistic and personal, which adjust his life’s course and set him on unfamiliar paths.

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That's Not Us

USA, 2015, 98M

Whiskey-fueled card games, buzz-killing wisecracks, and overdue emotional conversations are just part of what three couples pack into one end-of-the-season beach house vacation in this naturalistic romantic comedy. The superb ensemble cast’s improvised dialogue delivers a refreshingly honest take on contemporary relationships.

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Those People

USA, 2014, 89M

A young artist must choose between pursuing a relationship with a hot new man or continuing his unrequited love for his lifelong best friend in this erotic and arresting romantic drama, set among Manhattan’s social elite.

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