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  • AGNIESZKA ( A dark symphony of 2039 )
  • Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother

    Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother

    UK , 2007 , 70 min. Alexis Arquette may be the first gay actor to come out as a transgender person. This documentary is an intimate portrait of how she prepares for sex reassignment surgery in the glare of the celebrity spotlight.... Read more
  • Alive and Well

    Alive and Well

    USA , 2007 , 10 min.
  • Another Woman

    Another Woman

    France , 2004 , 106 min. French actress Nathalie Mann is captivating as a woman with the ovarios and heart to reconnect with the family she abandoned a decade ago when she was a miserable man. Can this MTF doctor heal old emotional scars without causing new ones?... Read more
  • Anthony


    France , 2006 , 6 min.
  • Art Works

    Art Works

    USA , 2006 , 10 min.
  • Bears


    USA , 2007 , 90 min. Follow seven contestants as they prepare for the Mr. International Bear Contest, held in San Francisco each February. Whether you're a bear yourself, a bear chaser or just bear-curious, this is a great introduction to a vibrant subculture.... Read more
  • Best Mates

    Best Mates

    As these short films illustrate, friendships between a gay guy and a straight guy can be confusing, frustrating and often fulfilling all at the same time.... Read more


    UK , 2006 , 10 min.
  • The Best Men

    The Best Men

    USA , 2006 , 13 min.
  • Bi Camp

    Bi Camp

    USA , 2007 , 3 min.
  • Bi Request

    Bi Request

    Inspired by Frameline's ongoing commitment to promote bisexual visibility and display bi images in film, guest curator Amy André selected this collection of short films made by bisexual directors and/or about bisexual subjects.... Read more
  • Black Men and Me

    Black Men and Me

    Canada , 2006 , 6 min.
  • Black White + Gray

    Black White + Gray

    USA , 2007 , 77 min. Black White + Gray examines the symbiotic relationship between curator/collector Sam Wagstaff and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe-and the powerful troika they formed with punk rocker Patti Smith-in New York in the '70s and '80s.... Read more
  • Blood Brothers

    Blood Brothers

    USA , 2006 , 9 min.
  • Blueprint


    USA , 2007 , 75 min. Two young African American college friends living in Harlem fall restlessly in love during an impromptu trip to the countryside, where nature's calming effects help transform their differences into mutual admiration.... Read more
  • Born Again

    Born Again

    USA , 2007 , 70 min. Filmmaker Markie Hancock uses intimate footage to reconstruct the story of her slow break with her evangelical upbringing, and the short In God’s House profiles Asian Americans struggling to reconcile their faith and an often hostile church.... Read more
  • Born in Flames

    Born in Flames

    USA , 1983 , 80 min. In this futuristic, revolutionary drama, government oppression and violence against women is rampant, and the feminist response is potent. In her classic indie polemic on racism, sexism and socialism, director Lizzie Borden definitely has her own ax to wield.... Read more
  • Boys to Men

    Boys to Men

    From bad-ass butchers to talking genitalia, swimming stars to poets, this diverse collection of shorts by, for and about FTM folks is the perfect combination of introspective reflection and letting loose.... Read more
  • The Bubble

    The Bubble

    Israel , 2006 , 117 min. From the director of Yossi and Jagger, this contemporary, queer Romeo And Juliet is the story of the love between two young men, one Israeli and one Palestinian, and the forces that conspire to drive them apart.... Read more

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