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  • 575 Castro St.

    575 Castro St.

    USA , 2008 , 7 min. 575 Castro St. reveals the play of light and shadow on the walls of the Castro camera store set for Gus Van Sant’s Milk as we hear Harvey Milk’s original recording to be played in the event of his assassination. Text Voting Code: S628... Read more
  • The Apple

    The Apple

    France , 2008 , 6 min. Eve wakes up in Paradise, finds an apple‚Äö and commits a delicious sin. Director Emille Jouvet has recreated the atmosphere of pin-up movies in this film that mixes sexy glimpses in black & white and flashy reds, and combines the genres of porn, burlesque and fetish. Text Voting Code: S562... Read more
  • Confessions


    USA , 1971 , 16 min. McDowell, a graduate student at San Francisco Art Institute, opens his film with a confession to his mother and father, listing (in exhausting detail) his sins of the flesh.... Read more
  • Devil's Dairymaid

    Devil's Dairymaid

    USA , 2008 , 8 min. A dairymaid is lured into a dark forest by mischievous and ominous spirits. She discovers a magical churn in a clearing and churns until she becomes “electrified.” Text Voting Code: S621... Read more
  • Dirt and Desire

    Dirt and Desire

    Germany , 2008 , 8 min. A wholesome girl takes a risk and invites a hot babe for an intimate dinner of homemade potatoes. But her desire for potatoes takes her on a dark journey that ends exactly where it all began ... in the dirt. Text Voting Code: S559... Read more
  • Eye and Axis

    Eye and Axis

    USA , 2008 , 5 min. A bird is gliding across an ocean, its wings moving evenly and serenly through the air. Water wells out from an unknown source, erupting into itself before being scattered in a thousand drops onto the dream of a sleeping woman. The water engulfs the resting body like a rain of falling stars, before the bird returns to guide us out of this ocean of dreams. Text Voting Code: S611... Read more
  • Fig Trees

    Fig Trees

    Canada , 2009 , 104 min. Queer cinema visionary John Greyson (Lilies, Proteus) once again dazzles the senses and challenges the intellect with this experimental documentary, a remarkably complex and moving rumination on AIDS activism, St. Teresa of Avila and Gertrude Stein that features a singing albino squirrel. Text Voting Code: F134... Read more
  • Fireworks


    USA , 1947 , 15 min. Fireworks releases Kenneth Anger’s “explosive pyrotechnics of a dream.”... Read more
  • Gently Down The Stream

    Gently Down The Stream

    USA , 1981 , 14 min. Hear your own voice narrate Gently Down the Stream... Read more
  • Holding


    USA , 1971 , 13 min. Two young women in love communicate through fantasy and touching in a rhythmic buildup, merging time concepts. Flashes of the past blend with the present and future in a collage of themselves, the hills, the sea and their sexuality.... Read more
  • I Was A Teenage Rumpot

    I Was A Teenage Rumpot

    USA , 1960 , 10 min.
  • I, An Actress

    I, An Actress

    USA , 1977 , 10 min. The answer to a time and effort conundrum at the San Francisco Art Institute results in a wannabe actress’s screen test that gets to the guts of a dramatic scene--an actress and a director.... Read more
  • Lash


    Australia , 2008 , 6 min. Celina discovers that religious persecution cannot kill the power of love. Text Voting Code: S518... Read more
  • Maggots and Men

    Maggots and Men

    USA , 2009 , 53 min. Film-watchers of the world unite! Seeing Cary Cronenwett’s Maggots and Men, you have nothing to lose but your preconceptions of gender. This utopian re-visioning of the Kronstadt Uprising of 1921 features film history’s first cast of over 100 transgender actors. Text Voting Code: F136... Read more
  • Mixed Use

    Mixed Use

    USA , 2008 , 11 min. Mixed Use follows the life of a building in San Francisco, and its use by Harvey Milk and the founding of a movement at 575 Castro Street. Text Voting Code: S517... Read more
  • Ookie Cookie

    Ookie Cookie

    USA , 2009 , 3 min. Ookie Cookie is a gaytastic tribute to video artist Tom Rubintz starring Jackie Beat and a pickle. Text Voting Code: S612... Read more
  • Shaman Psalm

    Shaman Psalm

    USA , 1981 , 7 min. The love shaman calls for a sexual revolution of the body politic urging mankind into a new love age.... Read more
  • Valentine For Nelson

    Valentine For Nelson

    USA , 1990 , 5 min. A relationship is as hard to build as a cathedral - it takes more than one lifetime. In this tender and loving film, virtually every shot is intended as a metaphor.... Read more

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