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  • Ander


    Spain , 2009 , 123 min. Set in the verdant splendor of remote Basque country, a traditional family gives way to queer reinvention, as the fortysomething single farmer Ander struggles to escape parental judgment. Text Voting Code: F110... Read more
  • At Home (or love as well)

    At Home (or love as well)

    Spain , 2008 , 25 min. For a newcomer, sex with a woman can be daunting. What better way to learn than to hire a prostitute? Over sushi dinner, white wine and soft music, the two women both reconsider the prejudices they have about themselves, and about one another. Text Voting Code: S525... Read more
  • Dish


    USA , 2009 , 16 min. Emo kids Israel and Louie walk around their east Los Angeles neighborhood dishing about their high school classmates. After listening to Louie boast about his sexual escapades, Israel decides he has some catching up to do. Text Voting Code: S595... Read more
  • El Niño Pez

    El Niño Pez

    Argentina , 2009 , 96 min. Writer-director Lucía Puenzo won awards - including two prizes at Cannes - and critical acclaim all over the world for XXY, and now the Argentine filmmaker returns with a lesbian romance that's also a Chabrol-esque mystery thriller and a scathing examination of class differences in the South American nation.... Read more
  • Fiona's Script

    Fiona's Script

    USA , 2008 , 93 min. Unapologetically bisexual and dazzlingly beautiful queer women of color navigate the complex terrain of family loyalty, devastating breakups and hot hookups in this one-of-a-kind bi-friendly film. Text Voting Code: F111... Read more
  • Flotsam


    USA , 2008 , 23 min. Salazar, a tough female Navy lifer, and Parsons, a sailor straight out of boot camp, are ordered to track down Anna Klein, an AWOL officer. When Salazar realizes that she may never solve the mystery of Klein’s life and disappearance, she is forced to recognize her own personal detachment from the world she inhabits and the labor she performs. Text Voting Code: S594... Read more
  • Frequent Traveller

    Frequent Traveller

    Portugal , 2007 , 8 min. Within the security control system of an airport, a man seeks to be touched. Today he crosses different frontiers. Text Voting Code: S542... Read more
  • Fruit Fly

    Fruit Fly

    USA , 2008 , 94 min. From H.P. Mendoza, writer, composer and star of Colma: The Musical (Frameline30) comes Fruit Fly, featuring rent control, public transit, one-night stands and other heartbreakingly familiar San Francisco mainstays celebrated in a lyrical chorus of clever wit. Text Voting Code: F113... Read more
  • Girl Seeks Girl

    Girl Seeks Girl

    Spain , 2009 , 80 min. Hailed as Spain’s answer to The L Word, Girl Seeks Girl radiates with sexy fun, exploring the lives, loves, dreams and heartaches of a group of vibrant women living in Madrid. Text Voting Code: F140... Read more
  • Holy Water

    Holy Water

    Puerto Rico , 2009 , 12 min. Katerina is 15 and repressed, just like every other girl in her Catholic private school. But unlike the rest, she dares to try to figure out what to do with her hormones. And they take her precisely where she never thought she’d go ... Text Voting Code: S575... Read more
  • Krudas


    Cuba , 2006 , 29 min. Krudas explores the lives and work of a Cuban lesbian couple who are hip hop singers and performers. The duo addresses issues such as women’s liberation, lesbian rights, female solidarity and racism. Their work is deeply engaged with feminism and strong ties to their African roots. Text Voting Code: S582... Read more
  • Lion's Den

    Lion's Den

    Argentina , 2009 , 113 min. Taking the fall for the death of her boyfriend, unhappily pregnant Julia is jailed with other women with young children. In this “lion’s den,” she becomes a fierce mother, risking all to keep her son and gain their freedom. Text Voting Code: F127... Read more
  • Losing Ground

    Losing Ground

    USA , 2007 , 8 min. Every night, countless people under the age of 18 sleep at shelters, friends’ homes, or on the street, having been kicked out of their homes because they are gay. This piece highlights three young people facing this crisis, shedding light on their everyday challenges and their sources of strength and inspiration. Text Voting Code: S532... Read more
  • Lucha


    USA , 2008 , 15 min. El Salvador’s civil war sets the stage for a narrative short where Lucha and Isabella must face hard truths. Is non-violence more powerful than armed resistance? Does love of country trump romantic love? Text Voting Code: S560... Read more
  • My Buddy Claudia

    My Buddy Claudia

    Brazil , 2009 , 87 min. She went from Sao Paulo’s Stonewall and premiering as the first travesti in Brazilian soft-core films and straight men’s magazines to activism for AIDS and sex-worker rights. Claudia Wonder, in this feature documentary, is both hot and heroic. Text Voting Code: D306... Read more
  • Non-Resident Alien

    Non-Resident Alien

    USA , 2009 , 15 min. A Cuban lesbian hip-hop trio forges radical roads towards self-expression even as they leave their country behind. Text Voting Code: S625... Read more
  • Raw Love

    Raw Love

    Argentina , 2008 , 16 min. Two friends spend the last days of high school together, but this will inevitably come to an end. Raw Love is a beautiful and sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that one dare not speak aloud. Text Voting Code: S544... Read more
  • Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's Intimacies

    Shakespeare and Victor Hugo's Intimacies

    Mexico , 2008 , 83 min. Watch as love and mystery unfold in Mexico City in this documentary told through the memories of a woman who fondly recalls the years of an artistic queer lodger in her house, who she still suspects of murder. Text Voting Code: D315... Read more
  • Suripanta


    Mexico , 2008 , 15 min. A young man in search of the mother who abandoned him as a child in Mexico comes to LA and befriends a drag queen prostitute who leads him to discover something completely unexpected. Text Voting Code: S565... Read more

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