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  • Act Up Oral History Project Series

    Act Up Oral History Project Series

    USA , 2008 , 90 min. ACT UP helped to transform entrenched cultural ideas about homosexuality, illness, health care, civil rights, the rights of patients and more. Here is how, in the words of those who did it. Text Voting Code: D314... Read more
  • Against A Trans Narrative

    Against A Trans Narrative

    USA , 2008 , 61 min. Combining documentary technique, dramatic reenactment, spoken word performance and meta-level commentary by the participants on the film itself, Against a Trans Narrative takes the conversation on trans-masculinities in the United States to a bold new level. Text Voting Code: D310... Read more
  • Against a Trans Narrative/Diagnosing Difference

    Against a Trans Narrative/Diagnosing Difference

    121 min. What does it feel like to have your very being defined as a medical category? And how can so many different kinds of gender-variant folks fit into any single box? Jules Rosskam’s film emphasizes the simplicity in divers... Read more
  • Born in '68

    Born in '68

    France , 2009 , 173 min. This rollicking emotional and political history of middle-class French life begins in 1968 with an idealistic ménage-à-trois forming a commune, and ends with some hard-earned truths about love and activism. Text Voting Code: F133... Read more
  • Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics On Trial

    Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics On Trial

    USA , 30 min. Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics on Trial explores the additional homophobic hurdle on the already arduous road to athletic excellence. When a gay athletic group started the Gay Olympic Games in the mid-’80s, the U.S. Olympic Committee sued for use of the Olympic name and the case went all the way to the Supreme Court. — JOANNE PARSONT Text Voting Code: S500... Read more
  • East/West - Sex & Politics

    East/West - Sex & Politics

    Germany , 2008 , 97 min. This gutsy documentary reveals the complex, contradictory nature of lesbian and gay life in Moscow, illustrating at each turn the difficulty of building a movement for minority rights — especially gay rights — in a country without a democratic tradition. Text Voting Code: D328... Read more
  • Fig Trees

    Fig Trees

    Canada , 2009 , 104 min. Queer cinema visionary John Greyson (Lilies, Proteus) once again dazzles the senses and challenges the intellect with this experimental documentary, a remarkably complex and moving rumination on AIDS activism, St. Teresa of Avila and Gertrude Stein that features a singing albino squirrel. Text Voting Code: F134... Read more
  • General Idea: Art, AIDS and the Fin de Siecle

    General Idea: Art, AIDS and the Fin de Siecle

    Canada , 2008 , 48 min. AMFAR AIDS insignia — clever graphic or apolitical rip-off of Robert Indiana’s LOVE? The Apple logo-simple symbol or tribute to the gay man who invented computers? Quentin Crisp-honored family member or notorious shame? You decide in these biopics. Text Voting Code: D311... Read more
  • Lucha


    USA , 2008 , 15 min. El Salvador’s civil war sets the stage for a narrative short where Lucha and Isabella must face hard truths. Is non-violence more powerful than armed resistance? Does love of country trump romantic love? Text Voting Code: S560... Read more
  • The Other War

    The Other War

    Israel , 2008 , 45 min. In The Other War, three Tel-Aviv women navigate the complicated world away from the combat zone.Text Voting Code: F107... Read more
  • Queer Sarajevo Festival 2008

    Queer Sarajevo Festival 2008

    Bosnia & Herzegovina , 2008 , 30 min. The first Sarajevo Queer Festival took place in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 24 to 26 September, 2008. Threats had been made during the run-up to the event and, at the event’s opening, there were indeed attacks on both the festival’s organizers and those taking part. Text Voting Code: S613... Read more
  • Raging Grannies: The Action League

    Raging Grannies: The Action League

    USA , 2009 , 54 min. The women in this program aren’t your average little old ladies! The Raging Grannies Action League employs a unique blend of activism and street theater in their grassroots organization. Text Voting Code: D327... Read more
  • Seeds of Summer

    Seeds of Summer

    Israel , 2007 , 63 min. In Seeds of Summer, director Hen Lasker takes a deeper look at the place where she first fell in love with a woman. This fly-on-the-wall documentary, which follows Israeli female combat soldiers, not only studies the intersection of love and duty, but also exposes the dichotomy of the youth with the burden of military service. Text Voting Code: D304... Read more
  • Seeds of Summer

    Seeds of Summer

    Israel , 108 min. Two films — one documentary, one narrative — explore how Israel’s military demands affect women in the country, both at war and at home.... Read more
  • Training Rules

    Training Rules

    USA , 2009 , 57 min. No drugs. No drinking. No lesbians. For over 25 years, Penn State women’s basketball coach Rene Portland’s homophobic coaching philosophy wrecked the lives and dreams of many talented young players. Text Voting Code: D324... Read more
  • Welcome to My Queer Bookstore

    Welcome to My Queer Bookstore

    Taiwan , 2009 , 19 min. Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Gin Gin’s Bookstore is the only bookstore dedicated to the LGBT community in the Chinese-speaking world. The director explores the lawsuits and the discussion this iconic space has ignited, as well as its place in gay culture: hosting public forums, book signing and promotional activities for gay films and television shows. Text Voting Code: S577... Read more

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