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12/5/2008 2:25 PM

Check back everyday for updates on attending guests, program changes, and rush status!

At Rush - No Advance Tickets Available

(Rush tickets may be available at the screening)

Breakfast with Scot -- FILM ONLY - Sunday, June 29, 7:30 PM, Castro Theatre
Breakfast with Scot -- FILM & PARTY - Sunday, June 29, 7:30 PM, Castro Theatre

Expected Guests in Town

Affinity -- Sarah Waters and Anna Madeley
Eleven Minutes -- Jay McCarroll
It's STILL Elementary: The Movie and the Movement -- Debra Chasnoff
Otto; or Up with Dead People -- Bruce LaBruce
Pageant -- Porkchop
Ready? OK! -- Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson
Sex Positive -- Richard Berkowitz
Sordid Lives: The Series -- Margaret Cho, Beth Grant, Jason Dottley, Del Shores
Steam -- Ally Sheedy
Were The World Mine -- Tom Gustafson (co--writer/director, producer), Cory James Krueckeberg (co-writer, producer, prod. designer), Kira Kelly (DP), leading actors Tanner Cohen & Zelda Williams.