Updates for Frameline36

6/4/2013 2:22 PM

Schedule Change

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are canceling our screening of GIRLTRASH: All Night Long (Work-In-Progress) for Friday, June 22 7:00 pm at the Castro Theatre. In its place we will be screening Sassy Pants—a biting coming of age, inter-generational comedy, which follows recent homeschool grad Bethany Pruitt as she struggles to break free from her smothering mom with minimal help from her deadbeat gay dad to realize her dream of attending fashion school.

At Rush - No Advance Tickets Available

(Rush tickets may be available at the screening)

6/14: Vito
6/16: Fun in Boys Shorts
6/16: Submerged Queer Spaces
6/16: Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992
6/16: Mississippi: I Am
6/16: Gayby
6/16: Mystery Date
6/17: Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies
6/17: Queermation
6/18: Mosquita y Mari
6/18: Stud Life
6/19: My Best Day
6/19: Facing Mirrors
6/20: Bye Bye Blondie
6/21: Hollywood to Dollywood
6/23: Ballroom Rules
6/23: The Invisible Men
6/24: Cloudburst

Expected Guests

All Over Me -- director Alex Sichel
Arisan! The Sequel -- producer and actor Edward Gunawan
Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years -- director Dagmar Schultz
Ballroom Rules -- director Nicholas Bird
Call Me Kuchu -- directors Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright, subjects Bishop Christopher Senyonjo and Longjones
Children of Srikandi -- director Stea Lim
Citizen Change -- directors Robert Philipson and James Chambers
Cloudburst -- director Thom Fitzgerald
Elliot Loves -- director Terracino
Face 2 Face -- director Katherine Brooks
Facing Mirrors -- director Negar Azarbayjani and producer Fereshteh Taerpour
Four -- director Joshua Sanchez
Fourplay -- director Kyle Henry, actors Paul Soileau and Scott Goble
Gayby -- director Jonathan Lisecki, actor Matthew Wilkas
Graupel Poetry -- director Bruce Saxway
I Do -- director Glenn Gaylord, writer/actor David W. Ross
I Stand Corrected -- director Andrea Meyerson, subject Jennifer Leitham
I Want Your Love -- director Travis Mathews, actor Jesse Metzger
The Invisible Men -- director Yariv Mozer
Jobriath A.D. -- director Kieran Turner
Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean -- director Matthew Mishory, actor James Preston
Keep the Lights On -- director Ira Sachs, actor Zachary Booth
Kiss Me -- actor Josefine Tengblad
Let My People Go! -- director Mikael Buch
The Life and Death of Celso Junior -- director Panayotis Evangelidis
Love Free or Die -- director Macky Alston, subject Bishop Gene Robinson
Love or Whatever -- director Rosser Goodman, actor Tyler Poelle, Writers Dennis Bush and Cait Brennan, producer Gio Messale
Mississippi: I AM -- director Katherine Linton, subject Lance Bass
Mommy is Coming -- director Cheryl Dunye, actors Sadie Lune and Jiz Lee
Mosquita y Mari -- director Aurora Guerrero
My Best Day -- director Erin Greenwell
Naked as We Came -- director Richard LeMay
North Sea Texas -- director Bavo Defurne
Off Beat -- director Jan Gassmann
Passionate Politics -- producer David Pavlosky
A Perfect Ending -- director Nicole Conn, actors Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark
Petunia -- director Ash Christian, actors Thora Birch, Michael Urie, Jimmy Heck
The Right to Love: An American Family -- director Cassie Jaye
Sassy Pants -- director Coley Sohn
Señorita -- director Vince Sandoval
STRONG! -- director Julie Wyman, subject Cheryl Haworth
Stud Life -- director Campbell X
Submerged Queer Spaces -- director Jack Curtis Dubowsky
Taking a Chance on God -- director Brendan Fay
Transgender Tuesdays -- director Mark Freeman
Unconditional -- director Bryn Higgins, actor Harry McEntire
UNFIT: Ward vs. Ward -- directors Katie Carmichael and Edwin Scharlau
United in Anger -- director James Hubbard
Vito -- director Jeffrey Schwarz, subject Charlie Russo
The Watermelon Woman -- director Cheryl Dunye, producer Alex Juhasz
Wildness -- director Wu Tsang, subject Mariana Marroquin, co-writer Roya Rastegar, producer Kathy Rivkin, cinematographer Michelle Lawler
The Wise Kids -- director/actor Stephen Cone
Zenne Dancer -- directors Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay, actors Kerem Can and Erkan Avci